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Why we matter;

Teen Advocacy is necessary because decisions that affect teenagers are being made without their input. We feel powerless, that our opinions don’t count, that others are making our choices for us. It is very hard for us to stand up to adults and face them all by ourselves.

When we do try to have our voices heard we are often ignored, with our views being put aside, as they aren’t convenient. Our opinions are important, and need to be heard and valued even if they aren’t what adults want to hear.

We recognise that there are adults who are trying to support teens and stick up for they’re rights but adults are limited by what they can understand as our situation is so different to their own, and so are our experiences.

We feel the best way forward is Teen Advocacy, an organisation run by teens for teens. Where teens will support each other and work to increase teen involvement in decisions that affect them.

We want teens to be represented and empowered by teens. Advocacy for teens by teens. Raising the power and the voice of teens.